About & Contact

I’m a London based illustrator specialising in character design and comics. I’m currently working on a weekly webcomics called Crystal Heart, a successor to Up to Four Players; both are about tabletop gaming, from different directions.

I’m available for freelance work. As you can probably gather from the portfolio, I especially lean towards character-based art, fantastic settings, humour and cute stuff. I also like cookies, but that’s not necessarily relevant.

Check out my Twitter for sketches, pieces that don’t necessarily make it here, updates, and general ramblings.
Check out my Facebook Page for most of my work, neatly packed into Albums.
I also have an online print store with a few select pieces.

Some of the clients/projects I’ve worked for:

Viber  |  Lone Shark Games  |  Penny Arcade  |  The Hunger Games Adventures (Funtactix)  |  Scratch That (Jelly Button Games)  |  Story Brewers  |  Yaniv Publishing (publisher of Dresden Files in Hebrew)  |  Vanor  |  ONE SHOT Podcast / Paracosm Press

Drop me a line!